(Week Eleven to Twelve) Raise your hopeful voice – Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard

March 22 to April 4

ROUTINE~ ON MY WAY TO MAKING NEW HABITS (27/03/2017 – 30/03/2017)

To make sure I’m continually trying to achieve my goals, I have a routine I try to follow. From March 27 to March 30, I was actually successful in doing most, if not all, the things I needed to do! It felt amazing, living the everyday life I want to have ❤️❤️❤️

A copy of my daily routine

I think the biggest pay off of following my routine is that I proved to myself that I can do it. That in turn makes me so proud of myself!


For my free time and during my run in the treadmill, I decided to start watching youtube videos about topics I’m very interested in. I learnt quite a bit by just watching two videos everyday and reading some articles 😍

Click here to see the videos I watched!


I really thought it would be awkward af but hey~ it turned out well. It was nice to just catch up and get to know each other again! But I totally didn’t think about taking a picture 😅


More like “tried to” 😂



Princess wasn’t even there but we still celebrated her birthday, that’s how nice we are 🤣

With the sisters ❤


We watched 13 Ghosts again… it was still scary 😰😱

What I love about this film is that the fear doesn’t just come from jump scares, it’s from the genuine creepiness of the ghosts! I’m particularly scared of the eleventh ghost, The Jackal. I can’t even finish this post without putting my hand over the picture below 😵

The Jackal

We also watched this apocalyptic zombie TV series called Dead Set. It’s pretty good! And I love the story. It was about a group of people in the Big Brother show unaware of the fact that there had been an outbreak.

Dead Set

I guess it was a horror kind of day~

DAD’S BIRTHDAY!! (02/04/2017)

It was a really good day! We went to church, to Snowtown (bingsu) and then came home to cook for a little get together that night with family friends.

We kids were getting bored after an hour or two. We already watched two movies so we decided to play a Kmart rip off of bean boozled called Double Dares.

It was SOOOOOO MUCH FUN! The squid and fresh blood were disgusting. And apparently, snot was also really bad too 😥  We got the parents to play with us and it just made things more fun 😂

After we played Double Dares, we moved on to playing this voice activated game called “Eighth Note”. The small thingy will walk, jump and kinda fly depending on your voice.

Eighth Note – level 2

It was hilarious to play! I wish I took a video of me playing it, it’s just not fun when it’s a story being told rather than watched. But with how well some sounds were coming out of my mouth, I thought if I just took voice lessons I could be a more than decent singer 😜

STARTED MY ONSITE 🙃  (04/04/2017)

I got lost in the new law building in uni, what’s worst is that the onsite wasn’t even held there. It was in Sky City at town. So I was sooo late to my onsite. I was already unprepared for it and I was terrified of doing speaking assessments 😥  But I’m so so so blessed because I knew someone in my class! And I thought the day went pretty well actually. I was able to talk to other people well, like I wasn’t fucking nervous. It really felt like I was more confident, eloquent, and capable than I thought I was.



(Week Six) Why you tripping – FU by Miley Cyrus


DAY 1 OF GM DIET (15/02/2017)

I started the day very motivated. I did my routine and even worked out. Breakfast got me full and lunch was filling too. But as soon as I got home from volunteering, I was starving. I ate more fruit than what’s pictured below but the hunger would not subside. I had to pick up mom from work and while waiting, I talked to my sister about continuing the diet. It was hard, it was making me so cranky, and I just wanted to eat.

I really wanted to continue and finish the whole week, to prove to myself that I can lose weight if I put my heart into it. I knew that if I just hold on for at least three more hours, I can just force myself to sleep early so I won’t feel hungry. But the realisation that Day 2 involves eating ONLY vegetables made me decide to just abandon this diet.

I don’t regret it. Now I’m starting small by just eating healthy breakfast and snacks. This way, I can eat a variety of food. This way, I can sustain this healthy lifestyle that I’ve been trying to have.


Parking pass

This is going to be very embarrassing… but it is a testament of God’s goodness so I thought I should be brave.

Knowing that volunteering will take more than an hour, I decided that I would need $5 to pay for parking. I am not working right now so I actually don’t have any money. Still, I didn’t ask my parents to let me borrow some for parking because I figured that I can just find my mom’s coin purse and get the money from there. Three hours before I had to leave, I started looking for her purse. I couldn’t find it. I looked all over the house for some coins, from the drawers to vases, to pretty much anywhere but there was none. Not even 50 cents. I checked the cars we have, none!!! I was so stressed and I kept asking God to direct me to a place in the house where I can atleast get $4 but I just can’t find any money in my house that day. Finally, I remembered about dad’s credit card and how it still has $5. I was saved!

My volunteer took longer than two hours. But by the time I got to the parking lot, I only had to pay $4.50. I was so relieved!

For just about 30 seconds tho. The credit card was declined. I didn’t know what to do at first. I can’t contact mom in her workplace, even if I can she doesn’t have any money. Neither do my brother or sister. But still, I can try and get them to find money anywhere so I can get the car out of the parking building. I can also try calling dad to send me some money. But actually, I can’t. The problem is I have an overdraft of $28. They’d have to give me at least $35 so I can still pay for parking. I called my sister telling her about my problem.I just didn’t know what to do. If I stay longer I might have to pay $5.

At that moment, I really felt pathetic. I can’t even pay $5 for parking. How did it come to this?

But as I was on the phone with my sister, the lady who also paid for parking came back. She asked me if I don’t have any money. For a split second I considered lying to save face, but I said yes. Then I told her that it was more than just $2 tho. I felt really bad about asking for $5. It felt like I was abusing her kindness… But she said it’s okay, gave me $6 and left.

I was incredibly happy. God had provided. He did not let me down. Through that wonderful lady He saved me. I was just happy for the rest of the day. And I promised myself that when I have money, I’ll be sure to pay it forward.




WROTE A FOOD MENU (18/02/2017)

Food menu
Food menu

I just realised that it’s really hard to see some of the things I wrote using a baby blue pen! Oh well~

Anyway, this is my menu for the first week of my Food Project ❤️ I’m happy to say that I only failed once in terms of breakfast and twice in terms of snacks 😬


MET UP WITH A FRIEND (20/02/2017)

It was nice to meet up with an old friend. I realised after we parted ways, but it’s almost nine years since we became friends. That’s so crazy!

On a swing for children~

We ate in Dr Don**** first, then went to another restaurant for desserts. I was soooooo full after.

Almost nine years of friendship!
Almost nine years of friendship!

We went to the new Japan Mart before going to an adult shop (it was her idea!!! I was VERY reluctant 😱) Then we went to Te R***. There was a playground there for children. It was for children under 13 years old! I didn’t want to come in because we might get told off, but we went in anyway and played in the swing. It was nice.

After that, we were gonna go home. Dad wasn’t replying and I wasn’t sure if he’s gonna pick up mom. When we got home tho dad was already home. After confirming that he’s gonna pick up mom, me and my friend went to a park. It was really nice hanging out like the old days. It was simple but not boring. I guess it’s not really surprising given how long we’ve known each other 😁❤️



So excited to finally graduate!!!!! ❤️



(Week Three) I live for moments like this – Bloodfeather by Highly Suspect


MADE MY OWN PASTA (25/01/2017)

This was actually one the the life experiences that I picked to do this week!

I thought it would be easy since I’ve made my own pasta before… it wasn’t. Still, I’m so proud of myself because it looked and tasted like pasta. And I was able to make it thin, not like before!

My bench halfway through
My bench after I finished making the pasta

I actually made two batches of dough. For the first one, when I was kneading it I put too  much extra flour. For the second one though, I wasn’t able to make it smooth 😔 I ended up using the first to make the pasta but I only used half. I had so much left over dough!!

Cooked pasta!!!

Cooking this was hard. I was so scared that they were gonna stick together 😫

Carbonara with own homemade pasta ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I did really good in the end tho! But it took me 4 hours to do everything from making the pasta to cooking the carbonara sauce. Then I still had to wash the dishes.

The amount of dishes I needed to clean 😨😨😨
The amount of dishes I needed to clean 😨😨😨


My sisters and I went to this Korean place in Victoria Street. I was actually thinking of buying a soup or something to just deviate from my normal choice of bulgogi. Then Dor**n pointed out that they offer unlimited meat for $25 pp!!! I was like “yaaaass meat~!” ❤️❤️❤️


Us! We ate so much meat~


We went to Hong Kong Desserts after dinner. Only Hil**y knew about this place. Apparently it’s new, they just opened a week ago. I wanted to try so many things from their menu but I decided on a durian and mango pancake. I actually thought that it was egg whites inside. From the picture, it looked like a brazo de mercedes but just different filling. But when I tasted it, it was actually cream!! I ate so much calories that night 😅




To be honest, I wasn’t sure about going to a fancy restaurant for dinner. I don’t have really have a lot of money right now and I still have so many expenses, but me and Jo** already talked about dressing up and eating in a fancy restaurant. And going to Bluestone will actually ticks a lot from my bucket list, namely:

Dress up and go to a fancy restaurant

Eat steak in Bluestone Restaurant

Eat in a popular restaurant

I’ve always wanted to go to Bluestone. I saw the reviews when I was looking for new places to try here in Hamilton. And it’s expensive prices just makes me more eager to try their food.


My food did not disappoint! Especially the steak 😍  Even without the sauce it was already good 😋😋😋  The dessert was also nice! I tried a whisky tart because it seemed like the most unique in the menu. The tart was kinda bitter but I expected that. If you eat together every element in the plate, it really tasted good.

The atmosphere was also good. Me and Jo** had so much fun talking~ It was also veryyy nice to feel like a proper Kiwi adult! 😂😂😂


More than the place and the food tho, I appreciated talking to Joan. It made me realise that my problems were not exclusively mine. It gave me more confidence to push through my insecurities and just do better ❤️

I just want to say that in these two days that I met up with friends, I noticed that I’m not as closed off as I thought before. I shared a lot about myself with these people and I made an effort to deepen our relationship. I don’t know if they noticed that, but I’m really proud of myself for trying.



We didn’t really plan it properly but it still happened! I feel proud of myself for pushing through and actually going even when people suddenly backed out. I guess it helped that I really like the two people I ended up going with.

It looks beautiful from up here ❤️
It looks beautiful from up here ❤️
There's a lot of people swimming and sufing
There’s a lot of people swimming and surfing
I wanted a sand castle but this is what I got
This was supposed to be a fish according to my friend 😨
This was supposed to be a fish according to my friend 😨

It was a really good day~ we ate good food, walked around in town, I bought my mom’s gift, and played in the beach! We stayed out in the sun too much though that my face was so dark!!!

This was my breakfast!
This was my breakfast!
Fish and chips~ the fish was sooo fresh
Fish and chips~ the fish was sooo fresh


This was one of the life experience that I picked to do this week! I took heaps of pictures and really felt like I was a legit model! Except I was also the photographer 🤣

I just took pictures 😂 It was my own personal photoshoot!!



Something about high tea really appeals to me. I think it’s the fact that it’s such an adult thing to do. Plus it makes me feel like I’m rich!

The bottom plate~ the scone was amazing
The middle plate~
The top plate! Strawberry + white chocolate = heaven



I did not have any money to go to Waiheke Island so I’m grateful for my mom and my siblings for sponsoring me~ 😜

Waiheke Island is beautiful ❤

The view from town
I went to the beach again 😂
We celebrated my mom’s birthday on a picnic lookout on top of a hill!


This is actually in my bucket list!!! I’m so happy that I got to do this with my family. And it was so cheap too!

The grapes 😍
We went wine tasting there!
Chardonnay~ my favourite

I had more pictures but for privacy reasons I can’t post them. But it was really fun! I got to taste five different wine and learned about pairing them with food. It was a good practise for when I’m working and I need to socialise with clients!!

(Week One) Wheels are turning – Here With Me by The Killers

Day One


The sad thing about this is that I didn’t even take pictures. The good thing tho? Totally spontaneous and kinda fun! I saw a lot of new stores have opened up but a lot more have closed. It’s nice to get to know my city again while also getting exercise. And the bonus? I talked to a lot of people!! Yaaas~ ❤️❤️❤️


When talking to my brother, I was reminded of Epi***** Donuts and my beef with the owner. I decided to never buy donuts from them again because of how I was treated by the owner after I left a comment about their service… Anyway, buying from them would mean I have forgiven the owner. So to start off my journey, I decided to forgive them and bought myself a cookies and cream donut. Forgiveness has never tasted so good!!! 🤣😜

Day 2


I tried two new ice cream flavours! I saw passionfruit and I just knew I had to eat it. I absolutely hate the taste of this fruit but I wanted to turn this experience into something better by coming out of my comfort zone.

To celebrate how well things are going (although it was only two days~) I bought Ben and Jerry’s! I haven’t tried this one and I was so excited to see that in our small town the supermarket actually sells this!

Day 3


I had my heart set on Toffee Nut Frappe but they don’t sell it anymore 😭 But atleast I got to try this~ ❤️❤️❤️

Roasted Marshmallow Frappe ❤




I had a really nice time on Day 4! Me and some of my younger friends went to a dog park. It was really fun! It’s been quite a while since I hung out with these group of friends but I wasn’t worried at all. Moments like this are what I want to have more frequently in my life. It feels awkward to write about what happened here… so I’m just gonna leave that picture there and trust my memories for reminiscing later 🤣🤣🤣  We had videos tho and if I can get that from Ang** then I might edit it and post it here 🙂

Day 7


According to James Clear, one of the ways to stop procrastinating is to reduce the friction of starting a habit. Clear said that in reality, it’s not being in the work that is hard it’s starting the work. This is why it’s more important to build the habit of getting started than worrying about whether you will be successful. To do this, a pre-game routine is recommended. This routine will allow you to perform well, regardless of whether you are motivated or not.

I already had something like this before, but as life got in the way I stopped doing it. But I’m very proud of myself for starting again!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻