(Week Eleven to Twelve) Raise your hopeful voice – Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard

March 22 to April 4

ROUTINE~ ON MY WAY TO MAKING NEW HABITS (27/03/2017 – 30/03/2017)

To make sure I’m continually trying to achieve my goals, I have a routine I try to follow. From March 27 to March 30, I was actually successful in doing most, if not all, the things I needed to do! It felt amazing, living the everyday life I want to have ❤️❤️❤️

A copy of my daily routine

I think the biggest pay off of following my routine is that I proved to myself that I can do it. That in turn makes me so proud of myself!


For my free time and during my run in the treadmill, I decided to start watching youtube videos about topics I’m very interested in. I learnt quite a bit by just watching two videos everyday and reading some articles 😍

Click here to see the videos I watched!


I really thought it would be awkward af but hey~ it turned out well. It was nice to just catch up and get to know each other again! But I totally didn’t think about taking a picture 😅


More like “tried to” 😂



Princess wasn’t even there but we still celebrated her birthday, that’s how nice we are 🤣

With the sisters ❤


We watched 13 Ghosts again… it was still scary 😰😱

What I love about this film is that the fear doesn’t just come from jump scares, it’s from the genuine creepiness of the ghosts! I’m particularly scared of the eleventh ghost, The Jackal. I can’t even finish this post without putting my hand over the picture below 😵

The Jackal

We also watched this apocalyptic zombie TV series called Dead Set. It’s pretty good! And I love the story. It was about a group of people in the Big Brother show unaware of the fact that there had been an outbreak.

Dead Set

I guess it was a horror kind of day~

DAD’S BIRTHDAY!! (02/04/2017)

It was a really good day! We went to church, to Snowtown (bingsu) and then came home to cook for a little get together that night with family friends.

We kids were getting bored after an hour or two. We already watched two movies so we decided to play a Kmart rip off of bean boozled called Double Dares.

It was SOOOOOO MUCH FUN! The squid and fresh blood were disgusting. And apparently, snot was also really bad too 😥  We got the parents to play with us and it just made things more fun 😂

After we played Double Dares, we moved on to playing this voice activated game called “Eighth Note”. The small thingy will walk, jump and kinda fly depending on your voice.

Eighth Note – level 2

It was hilarious to play! I wish I took a video of me playing it, it’s just not fun when it’s a story being told rather than watched. But with how well some sounds were coming out of my mouth, I thought if I just took voice lessons I could be a more than decent singer 😜

STARTED MY ONSITE 🙃  (04/04/2017)

I got lost in the new law building in uni, what’s worst is that the onsite wasn’t even held there. It was in Sky City at town. So I was sooo late to my onsite. I was already unprepared for it and I was terrified of doing speaking assessments 😥  But I’m so so so blessed because I knew someone in my class! And I thought the day went pretty well actually. I was able to talk to other people well, like I wasn’t fucking nervous. It really felt like I was more confident, eloquent, and capable than I thought I was.



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