(Week Ten) Which way now – Madrid by Yellowcard

March 15 to 21

I don’t know what to write actually. I haven’t been doing much to be honest. But at the same time, I know I am. It’s like I haven’t been living with structure but I have done things in between that I think I should put in this blog. But I feel like I need to regroup myself… properly. I need to remember what I’m doing this for, and I need to find the strength and determination to face my fears. I knew this big of a change will come and I didn’t prepare for it. I feel disappointed but I’m trying to comfort myself by reminding me that this is a BIG change in my life. And I’ve never been one to take beginnings and endings well. And truly, what I should be constantly reminding myself is to have faith and trust in God. That means no unnecessary worrying. Instead, I should prepare myself for what he has planned for me.


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