(Week Nine) End these wretched days in bliss – The Touch by Cathy Davey

March 8 to 14

Worth it? Yes. I did really well in terms of living healthily, I feel good about my volunteer, and I’m ecstatic to finally finish my CV! I do feel sad about my fight with mom, but it will be okay, I know that.

I did a lot of little chores today and was feeling very accomplished by 4pm~ Then this silly little thought came over me: “it’s not enough”. It was hard to stop it but I just had to continuously remind myself that I have to do it slow so I can sustain this change. Things take time.

I was still awake by 12 am and I was craving bacon SOOOO BAD! What’s worse is that my neck really hurt 😦 I ignored it and still pushed myself to exercise so it got worse… On the plus side though, at least I actually lost a kg!!! I couldn’t believe it 😁

I took a break from my routine! My neck was ok for a bit but I got comfortable so quick that I got hurt again 😦 I spent the day in bed because I was in pain… I only got up because I knew I had to clean the house for the HH!

I’m really happy that I went to the choir practise. It was something I was scared of doing and in the end I had a great time 🙂

A very lazy and quite unproductive day. Which was what I wanted because Tuesday is when I finally have to start applying for jobs.


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